Responsible Sourcing

Delivering sustainable and ethical construction within our business.

Morganstone Ltd is committed to delivering sustainable and ethical construction within our business, as outlined in our Sustainability Policy, CSR Policy, Modern Slavery Policy and this Responsible Sourcing Policy.

Our ability to influence procurement and sourcing varies across projects, however, we are committed to assessing the risks and opportunities associated with procurement and sourcing at company and project level.

Morganstone are committed to considering the following when sourcing products and services:

  • What products are made from.
  • Where they have come from.
  • Who has made them.
  • Under what conditions they are made.
  • How they are transported.
  • How they are decommissioned or manufactured into other products.
  • Employment conditions and arrangements.

Click here to link to the Morganstone Responsible Sourcing Policy

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