Our Key People

Experience, passion & commitment at every level

Morganstone boasts vast experience at its helm; its senior management all have extensive experience working for national companies. Supported by a growing team of talented and dedicated staff, Morganstone has gone from strength to strength delivering successful project after successful project, connecting with local communities across Wales and winning a series of prestigious industry accolades along the way.

Meet the Team

Ian Morgan
Managing Director
Tonia Morgan
Team Morganstone - Trudi Bowen
Trudi Bowen
Alison Whitmarsh
Alison Whitmarsh
Finance & HR Manager
Kevin Lake
Kevin Lake
Senior Operations Manager
Morganstone - Staff - James Ashford
James Ashford
Group Financial Controller
Kelvin Rees
Pre Development Manager
Morganstone - Meet the Team - Attila Balla
Attila Balla
Group HSE Manager
Neil Guyll
Neil Guyll
Operations Manager
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