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Morganstone: Creating a vision for the future

Our in-house design team offers a comprehensive service for all our clients which allows us to deliver a wide range of bespoke solutions. Solutions that will satisfy all professional goals while connecting you with the wider community.

We are well-versed in the Welsh Government Specification and Design Quality Requirements, BREEAM and other legislative requirements. Therefore, ensuring our designs are functional, cost-effective and fully compliant.

Our designers also understand the impact developments can have on the wider environment. They are experienced and committed to designing in both a commercial and a sustainable way.

Our team can present you with your finished product long before construction begins due to various innovations being used. Building information modelling (BIM), computer-aided design (CAD), interior design and environmental design, all help create your goal.

To start your construction journey with high quality designers, contact us today by calling 01554 779126 or email to discuss your requirements.

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