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Quality (ISO 9001)

Morganstone: Striving to exceed our Client’s expectations

At Morganstone the importance of quality is at the core of every construction service that we deliver. It sits at the heart of our values and represents the key driver behind our success.

By delivering a quality-focused range of development services, including design, construction and planned maintenance, we ensure the finished product is built and maintained to our clients’ specification and expectation. In pursuit of continually delivering a quality focused service Morganstone is committed to maintaining its certification to ISO 9001.

Morganstone implements an integrated Business Management System (BMS) to co-ordinate and direct its operations.  The BMS holds all the Morganstone business processes implemented across projects focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing satisfaction.

The Morganstone BMS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and has been established on the 8 guiding principles of: –

  • Customer focus – understand and meet their customers’ current and future requirements and expectations.
  • Leadership – leaders establish and maintain the internal environment.
  • Involvement of people – retaining competent employees, encouraging continuous enhancement of their knowledge and skills.
  • Process approach – manage and control processes, inputs and outputs.
  • System approach to management – processes are managed as one coherent quality management system.
  • Continuous improvement – maintain current levels of performance, respond to changing conditions, and identify, create and exploit new opportunities.
  • Factual approach to decision making – establish an evidence-based decision-making process.
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships – manage relationships with suppliers and partners can nurture positive and productive involvement.

Click here to view the Morganstone Quality Policy

Click here to view Morganstones’s ISO 9001 Certificate

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