Health & Safety

Committed to ensuring health, safety and welfare

Morganstone is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the health and safety of other persons who may be involved in or affected by its activities. 

We acknowledge that the way we design, cost, plan, deliver and maintain a project has an impact on not only our construction teams but other stakeholders.

We aim to manage health, safety and welfare through the implementation of a Business Management System (BMS) certified to ISO 45001. The BMS consists of a comprehensive set of health and safety procedures and company standards that are consistently implemented on Morganstone projects.

Underpinning the implementation of our Business Management system are a number of key fundamentals including:-

  • Continual assessment and removal of risks throughout project delivery.
  • Risk based approach to problem solving to eliminate or reduce risks utilising the hierarchy of risk control.
  • Engagement to share and promote best practice – ‘there is no patent on health and safety’.
  • Clear expectations on training and the provision of comprehensive training programmes to ensure the competency of Morganstone employees.
  • Proactive engagement with neighbouring properties, businesses and the wider community throughout the design, pre-planning and pre-construction stages.
  • Continual review of arrangements as operations progress to ensure sites and operations continue to be safe.
  • Health and safety education prior to and throughout the construction phase with local schools and communities.

Our commitment to caring for the general public, customers and our workforce ensures that health and safety considerations and the elimination of risk drives the decisions we make and actions we take.  Coupled with our successful approach to establishing ongoing partnerships with the community ensures each project is delivered safely and responsibly.

Click here to view our Health & Safety Policy

Click here to view our ISO 45001 Certificate

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