Carbon Commitment

We are committed to working with our supply chain partners to help adopt an integrated approach to driving down emissions through the construction process.

Fighting climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time and without immediate action the impacts could be irreversible.

Cutting carbon emissions has been high on the Morganstone agenda for many years. In 2021 we took a larger step forward and joined the fight against climate change by signing up to the United Nations, Race to Zero climate pledge.

As part of the climate pledge, we commit to:

  • Halving our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieving net zero emissions before 2050
  • Disclosing our progress on an annual basis.

Why did you decide to sign up the UN Race to Zero SME Climate commitment?

Our decision to sign up to the SME Climate commitment was a direct response to the climate emergency. The construction industry has a significant impact on global emissions and we recognised our responsibility to future generations to take immediate action in fighting the climate crisis. We were ready to accept the challenge and affect change. We’re passionate about becoming leaders for sustainable construction in Wales and signing up represents our commitment to this ambition and sets our direction over the next few years to drastically cut emissions and build business resilience.

What actions are you planning to take, to help reduce emissions and tackle climate change?

We have published our carbon strategy ‘Route to Zero’ and developed our carbon roadmap to help us reach Net Zero. Our strategy and roadmap (linked below) provide more detail on the steps we are going to take over the next 10 years to help us reach our goals. These will evolve over time as we progress on the journey and new innovative technology becomes more readily available, however having a clear route enables us to remain focussed on what we want to achieve.

Click here to view our Carbon Commitment Policy

Click here to view our Carbon Strategy – Route to Zero

Offsetting our emissions is an important part of this approach. Until we reach net zero, we are committed to continue a programme of carbon offsetting through tree planting in Wales. We offset 5% of our 2020 carbon emissions and 8% of our 2021 carbon emissions.

Click here to view our Morganstone Carbon Offsetting Certificate (2018) 

Click here to view our Morganstone Carbon Offsetting Certificate (2019)

Click here to view our Morganstone Carbon Offsetting Certificate (2021)

Click here to view our Morganstone Carbon Offsetting Certificate (2022)

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