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Morganstone signs up to SME Climate Hub ‘Race to Zero’

We are proud to announce that Morganstone are joining the fight against climate change by signing up to the United Nations, Race to Zero climate pledge

Fighting climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time and as a company we recognise our responsibility to future generations to take immediate action. That’s why, last week, we formally committed to achieve Net Zero emissions as part of the UK’s Business Climate Leaders campaign.

As part of the climate pledge we commit to:

  • Halving our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieving net zero emissions before 2050
  • Disclosing our progress on a yearly basis

This is a huge step forward for us as a company in our approach to sustainability and though we recognise that this commitment will be challenging we are excited to accept our responsibility to affect change and lead the way in this area. The next few years will see us make big changes to reduce our emissions, minimise our reliance on fossil fuel and champion the move to sustainable renewables. We hope that we will be able to work collaboratively and innovatively with our employees, clients and supply chain, to align our goals and leave a clean, low carbon legacy for South Wales.

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