Morganstone partners with 2B Enterprising

Morganstone are delighted to announce our new corporate partnership with 2B Enterprising. 

The 2B Enterprising programme aims to help primary school children embed enterprise skills into their day-to-day learning in the national curriculum. The Bumbles of Honeywood programme is Wales’ first bilingual enterprise skills programme for schools. It has been developed by entrepreneurial business leaders and experienced educators with extensive input from teachers. In line with the Welsh curriculum, the programme has a strong environmental message relating to the plight of the honeybee and aims to nurture enterprise skills in pupils from a young age, equipping them for success in the workplace and in business.

Morganstone has become a Corporate Engagement Partner enabling 2B Enterprising to support more schools and provides Morganstone with an impactful way to engage with schools in our community. Our partnership will create learning and development solutions designed to teach young children to be enterprising whilst introducing them to valuable life skills. Through the partnership, pupils at Crymlyn Primary School recently benefited from the ‘Bumbles of Honeywood’ programme and the skills and experience from Morganstone staff. 

We’re looking forward to supporting more schools in South Wales through our continued partnership.

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