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Morganstone employee encourages others to get prostate test

On April 12th 2018, Prostate Cymru volunteer Ian Norton visited our Schooner Way development in Cardiff to give an awareness talk.

One of the people present at the talk was Morganstone employee, John Dowding, who learned that Prostate Cancer can often be asymptomatic.

Following this, John decided that it would be a good idea to get a PSA blood test along with some other examinations as a precaution. Upon his check the doctor discovered that he had a PSA level of 4.1 with the level increasing to 6 at his next test leading to further tests and an eventual prostate cancer diagnosis.

Since his diagnosis, he has shared that it’s highly unlikely he would have gone to get the tests if he had not been a part of the awareness talk given by Prostate Cymru.

Since the test, John has been receiving radiotherapy and has been excellent progress. He encourages other men to visit their doctors and get tested,

“Prostate Cymru do an amazing job when it comes to educating men about Prostate Cancer and the importance of getting a PSA test. Despite the fact that it can be asymptomatic, I urge all men to read up about the symptoms of Prostate Cancer and PSA tests. A quick blood test really can save your life.”

Morganstone has been helping Prostate Cymru to spread awareness since 2016 and we have hosted regular awareness talks at our sites since that have been attended by our staff, subcontractors and clients.

Prostate Cymru have been one of Morganstone’s main charitable partners over the last couple of years and this can be seen in our most recent cheque presentation event.

To find out more about Prostate Cymru and prostate cancer in general, click here to visit their website.

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