Milford Haven Primary - Morganstone

Morganstone and Ivor Goodsite visit Milford Haven Primary

Morganstone recently visited Milford Haven Primary in the latest of their primary school visits to give another talk on safety around a construction site. Morganstone were also lucky enough to be accompanied by Ivor Goodsite who has been ever present in Morganstone’s primary visits.

The safety talks mainly consist of making the children more aware of building sites and how to identify danger. When trying to make the children more aware, the topics discussed can range from the signs that can be found around a construction site (see picture above) to informing them about the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn on site by workers and visitors.

In addition to the presentation, there was also a fun demonstration around the correct usage of PPE, with some fun red herrings with a willing volunteer from the audience. This has proven a popular way to reiterate the safety message, as the children enjoy the engaging activity with help from Ivor Goodsite.

Community Engagement Manager Nia Collard said, “It’s a really fun part of my role, being able to go into schools and spread awareness about construction and site safety, especially when Ivor Goodsite comes along too!”

Other than giving the children general safety awareness around a building site, it was also important to give the talk due to school being in the same area of Morganstone’s Thornton Road development in Pembrokeshire.

The Thornton Road scheme began in January 2018 and see’s the continuation of Morganstone’s strong relationship with Ateb (formerly known as Pembrokeshire Housing Association). The site is in Phase One of Three, which is expected to be completed in Summer 2019.

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