Morganstone Developments - Oakfield Terrace

Oakfield Street, Llanbradach

Client: United Welsh
Status: Completed

The Oakfield Street development was the second time that we worked in partnership with United Welsh Housing Association and saw the housing stock of Llandradoc enhanced with four high quality homes.

In addition to this project, not-for-profit housing association United Welsh has introduced a number of homes and related services to individuals throughout South Wales. With a varied selection of housing stock, including family homes, apartments and bungalows, United Welsh now manages over 5,000 properties across 11 Local Authorities.

The housing association development saw United Welsh’s portfolio boosted with the addition of four properties, which were designed and built by the Morganstone team.

One of the four properties is a specially adapted bungalow, which is designed for a disabled tenant. Thanks to our team’s expertise in engineered design, the site was developed using piling and ring beam construction techniques. Work was completed in mid-September 2014.

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