Update Surrounding our Coronovirus Contingency Planning

Up to date information regarding our policy and contingency plan surrounding Covid-19.

“In light of the continued and growing threat of Coronavirus, our main priority is to maintain and safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients, visitors to our sites and head office, extended workforce, supply chain and their families. As such, we have taken the unprecedented decision to temporarily suspend our operations.”

Managing Director – Ian Morgan.

Covid-19 Update (15th May 2020) 

On the 31st March, we suspended work on all of our construction sites and at our Head Office, following the notification of the lockdown by the Prime Minister and the growing threat of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have since been very closely monitoring progress, updates and guidance with this advice changing almost daily.

As a responsible employer, we want to ensure that we fully assess the risk that Covid-19 presents to all who work or visit our offices and construction sites. In order for this to be undertaken we first needed to be satisfied that we have received sufficient knowledge and information required to determine adequate preventative measures to eliminate, restrict or reduce the threat of the virus. This week the HSE and UK Government issued their detailed guidance on working safely during Coronavirus on Construction sites.

In addition to gaining sufficient clear direction and information, we have also experienced many other challenges, most importantly the availability of adequate and correct Personal Protective Equipment for our operatives without compromising the supply for key workers and the NHS which has been a crucial concern of ours.

Whilst considering all of the above, we have spent several weeks developing our comprehensive Morganstone Operating Procedures (MOPs), amending all associated company policies for dealing with the threat of a pandemic across all of our sites and places of work. We have been making our Head Office safe for our staff to return to work complying fully with safe distancing and all Covid-19 guidance.

We have comprehensive training planned for all of our employees on our procedures that will commence next week, starting with Senior Management, followed by our Site Management Teams, Covid Compliance Officers, Site Operatives and our Supply Chain.

Following on from our training programmes, we will be implementing strict control measures on site, ahead of our construction activities re-commencing. These will include as a minimum:

  • Provide a fully trained Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) on each site to monitor and manage the risk of the spread of the virus, who will have a number of duties on site to ensure that compliance with our procedures is achieved.
  • Site Control Points at every entrance, where our Covid Compliance Officer will manage restricted access for visitors to site, including the provision of temperature checks using Infra-red Digital Thermometers to detect symptoms of a fever and other associated Covid-19 diagnostics and wellbeing checks.
  • Remote Covid Stations will be placed at strategic locations on site to allow regular hand sanitisation.
  • Social Distance and Covid-19 signage throughout the offices and site will be displayed.
  • Strict controls on work places for reducing operatives in the work area to reduce risk of close proximity working.
  • Introduction of remote electronic inductions to reduce the need for group gatherings on site.
  • Improved cleaning in all facilities maintaining a strict cleaning rota system and cleaning register.
  • Pedestrian routes defined with clear break points for passing, respecting 2m distancing.
  • Regular Covid Compliance site audits by Senior Management.
  • Frequent up to date training for all staff and our supply chain on the threat of the virus as additional HSE, UK and Welsh Government Guidance and regulatory changes become available.
  • Access for all of our supply chain to our Morganstone Operating Procedures (MOPs).
  • Enhanced induction to outline Covid-19 controls on site.
  • Update all of our Policies, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Construction Phase Health and Safety plans to include the threat of Covid-19.

The above is an insight into a small part of the procedures that we will be putting in place on our sites which we believe will not just be fully compliant but will give added reassurance and confidence that we have provided a safe place of work for everyone who either works on or visits our Head Office and construction sites.

To be able to correctly undertake all of the above and allowing for available PPE lead times, we anticipate to be operational on our sites during week commencing 8th June 2020.

We trust that you will appreciate that we have taken the threat of this virus extremely serious and our number one priority is to protect the safety of everyone that will enter on to our premises along with the general public who may be impacted by our operations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, supply chain partners, clients and stakeholders for your truly valued support and patience in these unprecedented times.

Morganstone temporary suspension of operations (31st March 2020) Covid-19

On Monday 23rd March, the Prime Minister made an announcement to stop all non-essential work with immediate effect, in order to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This restriction did not apply to the construction industry, therefore permitting Morganstone to progress works where possible across our sites.

However, Morganstone have reviewed the situation and due to the ever-increasing risk of the spread of COVID-19, Morganstone have taken the decision to temporarily suspend its operations across the majority of its sites and offices as of 4.30pm on Tuesday 31st March. The only exception to this is our College Road development, based in Ebbw Vale – as this is a care facility and has special dispensation to continue.  We will continue to strictly adhere to the Government Social distancing guidelines whilst undertaking work on this site.

These are unprecedented times and we have worked hard to follow Government Guidelines in respect of social distancing across our operations in recent weeks, but this is presenting us with daily challenges and we are not prepared to compromise the health and welfare of our employees, their families, our supply chain, our Clients and the wider communities in which we work.  We are committed to halting the spread of the virus and protecting key workers and those in the NHS.  For this reason, we felt that the responsible decision would be to suspend operations until a time when Government Guidelines are relaxed.

Our sites have been run down and they have been secured for a prolonged shut down period. Continual surveillance is in place across all sites, utilising highly advanced CCTV systems which are monitored remotely, along with regular manned patrols.

We are looking forward to becoming fully operational again following this challenging time and we will keep you updated on our website.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, clients and supply chain for their valued support and commitment throughout this challenging time, and we hope that everyone stays safe and well.

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