Goodsite Construction Character

Westacres visit Newton Primary with Ivor Goodsite

Pupils at Newton Primary School recently received a special visit from Considerate Constructor mascot Ivor Goodsite. Construction industry mascot Ivor joined Community Engagement Manager, Nia Collard, and representatives Nicole Kalmuczak and Zoe Jones, from sister company and client, Westacres. The visit highlighted the dangers associated with construction sites such as the nearby Summerlane Development, for Clients Westacres and POBL Living.

The visit included a presentation around the possible ways that a person could come to harm on a building site. The pupils were introduced to signage highlighting site hazards. Ivor Goodsite then exhibited his PPE (personal, protective equipment), showing the children what each item was used for. A volunteer from the audience was then dressed for site during the “red herring PPE game”, with a little assistance from his peers.

The development is located in the picturesque area of Caswell, Swansea Gower, and will consist of 61 homes – 30 open market properties and 31 consisting of rental and low cost ownership.

Westacres boasts executive contemporary homes, specifically designed for modern family life. To find out further information on Summerland or to enquire about your opportunities at this stunning new development, please visit:



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