Gardening Event

Volunteers restore the gardens at Morriston Park

Last month, Morganstone volunteers put on their gardening gloves to deliver the community benefits for our Rhodfa Fadog development, in partnership with Coastal Housing Group.

Ten volunteers spent the day reinstating the borders and beds at Morriston Park after they were neglected during lock-down.

Community is at the core of who we are and what we do, as a result we take our responsibility to give back very seriously. We always aimĀ  to leave our communities with a lasting positive legacy as a result of our community engagement. It was great to be able to support the local residents of Morriston, making a difference that everyone can enjoy. We look forward to returning next year to complete the project.


Absolutely fantastic to have the volunteers here from Coastal and Morganstone helping us out. The park is about 60 acres between the park and Fynnon Deml and it’s been really difficult to maintain the borders and the beds which is almost exclusively done by volunteers. It’s been almost impossible to maintain during lockdown so to have this many people coming and helping to clear out the borders and weeds is fantastic.

Even though its a relatively secret park we have about 100,000 people a year come and use the park.

From all the people of Morriston a big thank you to the guys from Morganstone and Coastal.

Steffan Phillips, Chair of Friends of Morriston Park

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