Morganstone delivers talk on Careers in Construction

Morganstone delivers talk on Careers in Construction

Morganstone employees were on hand recently as we delivered a Careers in Construction talk for the Year 10 and 11 pupils of Milford Haven Comprehensive School.

The talk was led by our Community Engagement Manager, Nia Collard, and was extremely well received by the pupils who were eager to learn more about job opportunities within construction. Design and Technology Teacher, Sean Thomas, added,

“The presentatation from Nia at Morganstone really engaged the pupils and opened their eyes to the vast career possibilities within the wold of construction. Since the visit we have had a number of pupils inquiring about routes into careers in construction via either apprenticeships or university choices for Engineering and Architecture which is fantastic to see.”

The Construction industry in Wales is predicted to rise by 4.6% within the next four years, the highest of all the regions in the UK and the highest of the devolved nations ) With this growth, employment rates within the Welsh construction industry are expected to rise by 2.1% per year which would see the Welsh construction workforce grow to 121,500 people.

With the expected growth in the industry, Morganstone recognises the need to get more young people interested in a career in construction and the construction world as a whole. The students were not only made aware of the different options within the industry but were also shown the different paths that could be taken in order to take advantage of the various opportunities.

To further emphasise the prospects of a career in construction, the pupils were also introduced to our site manager, Christopher Atkinson who is a recent graduate of Construction Management, and our Level 2 Carpentry apprentice, Amber, who have both chosen to follow construction careers with Morganstone. By presenting the pupils with current employees they were able to see the product of hard work and determination.

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