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Dolau Primary receives special visit from Morganstone and Ivor Goodsite

It was a busy week for Considerate Constructor mascot, Ivor Goodsite, who made his second visit of the week with Morganstone. This time, Ivor’s visit was to Dolau Primary School in Llanharan to educate the pupils about site safety as part of a wider educational initiative for nearby Innovation House, for Rhonnda Housing. Innovation House will provide 39 dwellings, consisting of:16 houses, 5 bungalows (one of which will be adapted), 18 flats (two of which will be adapted) and car parking.

Dolau Primary School is located just 500m from Innovation House, therefore it was very important to Morganstone that we engage with the Primary. Children were introduced to Community Engagement Manager, Nia Collard, and client representative Kerrin McNie. The duo were joined by industry mascot, Ivor Goodsite, who was on hand for the children to see how PPE (personal protective equipment) should be correctly worn. Two eager volunteers were then able to dress up in their own PPE, much to the delight of their peers.

Pupils were able to ask lots of interesting questions about the development, Ivor’s role as a Site Manager and about the construction industry as a whole. Nia Collard, Community Engagement Manager added, “It was particularly inspiring to hear some of the pupils enquire around how they could become a builder. Even at a Primary School age, it’s important to provide children with as much knowledge as possible around the different career opportunities that will be available to them when they are older. We’re excited to return to Dolau Primary in the New Year, at the request of the Headteacher – to provide a STEM workshop to Year 6 pupils who were really excited to learn more about the industry.”

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