Grovesend Remploy ITS Visit

Changing Lives in partnership with Remploy and ITS Cymru

At Morganstone we’re passionate about creating rewarding, sustainable employment opportunities and are really excited to be working with Remploy and ITS Cymru to change lives and communities in South Wales.

After going through a difficult time, David was able to turn his life around. With the support of Remploy, ITS Cyrmu and Morganstone he has been able to kickstart his new career in construction at our Grovesend project.

Construction provides so many great opportunities and we’re looking forward to many more success stories as we continue to work together.

ITS Cymru are delighted to have played our part in helping David secure employment within the construction industry. We will continue to support David throughout his career and look forward to working with Morganstone and Remploy to hopefully replicate this.

Callum Bowden – ITS


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