Morganstone - developments - Quayside SA1, Swansea

Quayside, SA1, Swansea

Client: Coastal Housing Group and Pennant Homes
Status: Completed

The prestigious Quayside new-build housing development is part of Morganstone’s ongoing partnership with Coastal Housing Group and Pennant Homes which has seen a range of high quality, affordable developments introduced throughout South Wales.

The development next to the Village Hotel in Langdon Road, Swansea consists of 49 properties with 22 houses for sale through Pennant homes and 27 apartments available for rent via Coastal Housing Group.

Construction began in November 2016 and was completed in Summer 2018.

For further information on Coastal Housing Group please visit

For further information on the homes for sale at SA1, please contact Pennant Homes on 01792 865233 or visit

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