Morganstone - Parc Eirin Meet the Buyer

Parc Eirin, Tonyrefail

Client: Pobl and Tirion Homes
Status: Current

Morganstone, Pobl, Tiron and Sero Energy will work together in partnership to develop the innovative Parc Eirin scheme that will be the first of its kind in the U.K. 

Parc Eirin is set to last over six years and will consist of 225 homes, with Morganstone being the principle contractor on the first of potentially six phases.

The scheme will be the largest development to utilise new types of energy efficient technology and is set to be used to showcase a new form of innovative housing.

These new types of technology will include: intelligent, hybrid batteries within the homes which will be powered by solar panels, electric car chargers for each of the homes, and an intelligent management system that will generate, store and distribute energy.

Pobl are one of Wales’ largest housing and support providers with whom we have a strong working relationship. Tirion homes are a growing not-for-profit organisation who currently invest in affordable homes for rent and sale. Sero Energy specialise in providing discounted clean energy for home owners and renters that will accelerate the transition to a low carbon future.

To put the 15-acre development in numbers, Sero Energy are expecting to see the following statistics come to fruition: a 65 percent reduction in net energy required for the year, a 100 percent decrease in emissions as no gas will be used on site, 560 tonnes of CO2 saved each year compared to a traditional gas heated scheme, and an 80 percent reduction in energy bills for homeowners.

In order to achieve these outcomes, the homes’ energy will be managed by Sero Energy who will be employing cutting-edge, self-learning energy management systems. However, these new eco-friendly systems will have no effect on the way the homeowners use energy within the home, and they will be able to use their heating and electricity as normal.

Parc Eirin sits within the stunning surroundings of the South Wales mountains and will give the homeowner a balance of futuristic housing and Welsh heritage.

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