Morganstone Developments - Marble Hall

Marble Hall Road, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Client: Ateb
Status: Completed

The Marble Hall Road development in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, saw a selection of two to three bedroom homes introduced to the local housing stock, including a range of apartments and homes for rent.

The Morganstone team were instrumental from day one on this particular housing association development, and drew attention to the control and restrictions of traffic management at the site by liaising with the neighbouring factory. Thanks to our management team’s forward thinking, the construction proceeded without disrupting the factory’s incoming and outgoing deliveries.

This partnership made way for further site preparation works, including the construction of a temporary highway for the factory. The Marble Hall Road project was finished in June 2014.

Please contact Pembrokeshire Housing Association on 01437 763688 or visit for further details.


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