Innovation House

Innovation House, Llanharan

Client: Rhondda Housing Association
Status: Current

Working in partnership, Morganstone and Rhondda Housing Association, are re-developing the site of former Innovation House in Llanharan. 

Innovation House will involve the complete demolition of 39 dwellings, car parking and associated works on the site of Innovation House, Bridgend Road, Llanharan. The new development will consist of 16 houses, 5 bungalows (one of which will be adapted) and 18 flats (two of which will be adapted).

The site will be developed with housing fronting Bridgend Road, which also provides the point of access to the development. Within the development, the western side of the site will be built as bungalows, apart from one house adjacent to the entrance. The central area will provide the remainder of the housing and the eastern side of the site will accommodate the apartments.

The houses are all of conventional two storey construction whilst the bungalows are simple single storey buildings. The apartments are arranged in two blocks around a courtyard area and are for the most part, two storey construction throughout.

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