Morganstone - Hamadryad Court, Cardiff

Hamadryad Court, Cardiff

Client: Cardiff Community Housing Association
Status: Completed

The scheme which is located in Cardiff and overlooks Cardiff Bay was developed in partnership with Cardiff Community Housing Association. The site is located behind the existing Royal Hamadryad Hospital which now serves as a mental health day care facility for the Health trust.

The apartment block is 4 and 6 storeys in height with a central core and lift and plant room, meter room, bin stores and cycle stores at ground level. Construction on the site commenced in June 2015 and was completed in August 2016.

The development was amongst the shortlist for the New Development Award at the Chartered Institute of Housing Welsh Housing Awards 2016.  

CCHA was established in 1996 and is a Registered Society with charitable status. CCHA formed when Adamsdown Housing Association and Moor Housing Association merged. Between them, Adamsdown and Moors have been providing homes in Cardiff for over 35 years. CCHA is a non-profit organisation that is registered and supervised by the Welsh Assembly Government.

CCHA, since being established in 1976, now has some 2,700 homes in management, with an extensive and varied portfolio of projects in our future plans, that demonstrate our commitment to diversity of products and customers. A wide ranging network of partnerships with public, private and voluntary sector organisations, has been established to sustain our corporate objectives.  For further information on CCHA please visit



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