Morganstone Developments - Eynon Street

Eynon Street, Swansea

Client: Coastal Housing Group
Status: Completed

The Eynon Street development in Swansea was just one of the exciting projects that Morganstone played an instrumental role in. It was the first design and build development after Coastal Housing Group introduced their new framework.

The South Wales development saw the extension of Swansea’s Eynon Street thanks to the addition of four new build homes at the end of the existing terraced row of properties. Working amongst terraced properties of course came with its challenges and our management team were quick to use their experience to develop a traffic control system that worked for the community and the site team.

The project commenced work in July 2013 and the completed timber framed properties has seen householders take advantage of stunning views of a nearby river from a traditional setting. For further information on the Eynon Street development, please get in touch with Coastal Housing Group on 01792 479200 or visit

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