Morganstone - BSG Environmental Award For Schooner

BSG Environmental Award for Schooner Way development

Morganstone, recently celebrated winning the Environmental Award at the prestigious BSG Awards held at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxfordshire.

The Award was presented in recognition of how a recently implemented system on our development site at Schooner Way, Cardiff Bay has had a positive impact on the environment. The system ingeniously included using bales of straw as filtration to control any potential run off from the site into the adjacent wharf. The bails were strategically placed on the boundary of the site where water naturally collected and a drainage channel was dug to guide any water towards the filtration.

Ian Morgan, Managing Director, Morganstone said:

“We are delighted that Morganstone has been awarded the BSG Environmental Award and I would like to congratulate Ken Evans, Project Manager and every member of the team who has worked to contribute to this renowned health and safety award achievement.”

This year marks the third anniversary of the awards, organised by BSG (the Building Safety Group), the industry’s largest construction safety group. The event marks members’ achievements and excellence in work-related health and safety performance and attracts nominations from BSG members across the UK.

BSG Managing Director, Paul Kimpton said:

“The BSG Awards ceremony was once again a national celebration of our members’ dedicated commitment to Health and Safety in construction. Recognised award winners such as Morganstone should be immensely proud of their achievement and highly commended for their admirable approach to reducing risk in the workplace. It is BSG Members like Morganstone who make a significant contribution to raising the bar when it comes to health and safety standards across the sector, and we offer them our congratulations.”

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