Morganstone - Career in Construction is Vital

A Career in Construction is key for the Industry, says Morganstone

The shortfall in new recruits joining the construction industry is a situation troubling all those in the sector. Whilst the solution remains a current topic of discussion, Welsh construction company Morganstone has taken the initiative and invested in a unique public campaign to attract the brightest and the best. The company has designed and developed a series of hoardings to highlight the wide ranging roles and opportunities within this booming industry. The hoardings – Construction and Careers – have now been placed on the company’s sites across Wales as part of its year-round drive to promote the benefits of careers in construction to young people.

Morganstone has invested time and money in developing this targeted campaign which comes at the point when the most recent projections from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) are predicting more than 19,000 new construction jobs for Wales by 2021.

Figures show construction in Wales is predicted to grow by 6.2 percent compared to 1.7 percent across the wider UK, with the Welsh Government targeting 20,000 affordable homes by 2021.

Morganstone’s Community Engagement Manager, Antonia says: “The construction industry in Wales is healthy, stable, lucrative and expanding. As a local construction firm we are very keen to get that positive message out there and to attract the brightest and the best for the roles that are expected to be on offer over the next decade.

“Morganstone is enjoying a time of unprecedented growth. However the campaign and hoardings are not about Morganstone but the industry itself, supporting the Welsh economy and addressing the current and predicted shortfalls of people entering the construction industry.

“We are happy to make this investment to help fortify the sector and to help young people discover the rewards to be gained with a career in construction.

The campaign is already receiving positive feedback from the sector, as Clare Watkins, Targeted Recruitment and Training Officer at Coastal Housing Group comments,

“I have been very impressed by the instant impact of Morganstone’s careers hoarding. It portrays a professional image of the industry, hopefully encouraging people to overcome some commonly held stereotypes. There are such a wide variety of opportunities within and linked to construction, this kind of initiative can only help raise awareness of the many exciting and rewarding careers”.

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