Morganstone Developments - Stranraer Road, Pembroke Dock

Stranraer Road, Pembroke Dock

Client: Pembrokeshire Housing Association
Status: Completed

Just one of our successful developments for Pembrokeshire Housing Association, the Stranraer Road project provided a vital boost to the area’s housing stock with the addition of 16 new build properties.

Despite the challenges faced due to the steep gradient of the site, our dedicated team constructed a selection of two-storey homes and flats for the housing association. The gradient issue was solved thanks to our in-house design team who transformed nine of the properties into split level dwellings with an internal retaining wall and tanking built into the structure of these properties. The early stages of this South Wales development brought more challenges for the Morganstone team as the site’s reptile and badger population meant additional ecological constraints.

Our fully integrated construction service meant that these challenges were overcome and the project was delivered ahead of schedule. We are pleased to announce that the first tenants moved into their new homes in January 2013.

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